About Us

The Consumer Safety Coalition was created to serve as a clearinghouse and source of information for consumers, regulatory officials and news media on the business practices of companies that endanger consumers and the environment.

The CSC works with other consumer groups and activists to identify, research and explain harmful business practices that companies undertake. Those practices may include issues related to counterfeiting goods, intellectual property theft, environmental hazards, workplace and product safety.

In today’s global marketplace and online commerce, it is too easy for companies to manufacture goods in places where standards may be lax and sell through to consumers who may not have access to important ingredients information or other regulatory protections.

That’s where you come in! We are looking for your stories so we can warn other consumers about counterfeit, unsafe or harmful goods flowing through to consumers.

Estimates of counterfeit goods being sold alone on legitimate websites range as high as 20% of all goods sold online in the U.S.! Don’t be fooled!